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🧿 Hey Faye🧚🏼‍♀️Faves 🫶🏽, the topic for this weeks Divine Talks is How To Feed Your Altar/ Ancestors. If you aren’t familiar with what exactly an altar is I would suggests that you read my blog "How To Create A Sacred Place/ An Altar". It can be found under the blog post/ Divine Talks on my site. It breaks down what it is & how to create one. Just to give a brief description on what an altar is, it is a sacred space where you can communicate/ connect with your ancestors/angels, focus your energy, meditate, or try to conduct spell work. Here is a quick read on what exactly you can do or use to feed your spiritual team/altar.


You can feed your ancestors food and meals: You can use whatever foods or meals feels right to you. A good way to determine what kind of food to use can be whatever your angels/ancestors liked to eat. Ex: My grandma loved to eat soul food, therefore I will place a small portion of whatever meal I have prepared on my altar. It doesn't have to be a complete or full meal. Just a small portion will do. Here are some universal foods that you can use if you don't know any of your ancestors favorites.You can also leave them fresh water or drinks that they like. A lot of ancestors like alcohol and if yours does you can set out a small portion of liquor for them. Just make sure that you dispose of the foods on your altar and never consume them. If you leave food out make sure to dispose of it (throwing it away or putting it in your compose) by the next morning/day. Water and drinks can be changed out daily, weekly, or daily depending on your preference.

Universal Foods:






✨Coffee (made or ground)


You can also set out different things and items that are technically offerings but still is feeding your altar/ancestors. These items aren't food and but still should be changed out every so often.

Items Used For Offerings:

✨Tobacco (cigars, cigarettes, etc)

✨Flowers (fresh)

✨Jewelry (must no longer wear)

✨Books/ Sermons (doesn't have to be changed out)

It doesn't matter if you simply offer cool water to your ancestors, or elaborate meals, regular tending an ancestor table can help strengthen relationship and the connection with the divine. Think about what are some ways your culture venerates those who have gone before us? Are there certain motifs or items that represent your family? Meditate with your ancestor table, and if any ideas come to you on offerings that would be relevant to your shrine, write them down and fulfill when possible.

Peace✌🏽, Love 💕 , & Light✨

Aspiring Divinity

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