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Your Questions, Answered

How long will it take to receive my reading?

Please allow 3-4 days to receive reading. It may not take the full 3-4 days but please be patient & I will get to you. I don’t work on weekends/holidays & I don’t do same day readings on the weekends. Ex: If you book on a Friday you’re reading will not be due until the next week on Wednesday/ Thursday because weekends doesn’t count towards your 3-4 days.

Can you do readings over the phone?

Yes, but you must ADD this feature to you’re reading for an extra FEE of $15. To do this just book the reading & then book the ft/call feature on the site.

How will I receive my reading?

You will receive it via EMAIL in a VIDEO MESSAGE. UNLESS you added the FT/Call option to your reading.

Can I get a SAME day reading or EMERGENCY reading & when will I receive it?

Yes, this is called a SAME DAY READING. In order to get a same day reading you must book the SAME DAY reading & you will receive it within 24 hrs from the day you booked the appointment for.

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